Sunday, February 14, 2010

Skype Bomb . 2007

Skype Bomb (2007)

Theme: The Negativity of Technology

VISUAL RAGE Exhibition (DEG.hons)

Institute Of the Contemporary Arts Singapore 

Technology creates bombs, to protect or to destroy?

This artwork revolves with the idea of subliminal destruction. We have technologies that enable terrorists to activate and inflict their destruction, via internet and wireless and anonymously.


This artwork resembles the tubes of a biohazard chemical byproduct. And it can only be activated VIA internet access, SKYPE technology. When someone calls this device via SKYPE, the artwork will respond by emitting bubbles instead of destruction. The SKYPE caller would also be able to spy on its victim via a web cam connected, and thus will have full control of the amount of bubbles emitted while remaining anonymously. The bubbles responds to the caller’s voice. Louder pitch, increases the amount of bubbles.


The idea that anyone in the world can connect and activate this device, through such a readily available program (SKYPE), which can be freely downloaded.

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